SwiftKick Student Shares Personal Benefits

A major part of training in martial arts is body STRENGTHENING and CONDITIONING, an increase in CONFIDENCE and AWARENESS, and a sharpened MENTAL FOCUS.  Those who seriously train in martial arts and other related sports, such as boxing, are among the most conditioned and focused athletes in the world.  But what about those who train more casually amidst a busy life, say, only once or twice a week for a couple hours?  How beneficial can that really be?

Jon Hall, a student and part of the SwiftKick marketing team, shares the benefits he experienced through his training and how it helped prepare him for a REAL confrontation.  This is what he shared:

\”After watching my son, Sequoia, train in his class for a couple years I couldn\’t resist jumping in myself.  So I joined in the fun!\”

\”At first I felt a little awkward learning the Crazy Monkey Defense, which was a totally new paradigm of defense for me.  Once I got more proficient at CMD my confidence increased that I could defend myself from a flurry of close range punches.  I was a skilled wrestler in high school and knew if I was ever in a combat situation my only hope would be to take the fight to the ground as quick as possible.  The problem with that is a lot can happen before one can get to the inside and the size of the opponent can have a big impact.\”

\”After training for a couple months an interesting thing occurred.  I knew I was more able to defend myself, but my naive over-confidence  was kind of popped.  I think a lot of guys believe they would be fine in combat, especially if they are good at sports and roughing around with friends.  That over confidence can actually get people into trouble.  I think a sobriety of one\’s capabilities, mixed with true self-defense skills is a huge asset to carry around.\”

\”After some months of training I found myself in a heavy situation as I was working on a property.  The occupant of the house had been evicted.  He was a drug addict and was angry.  He came up to me as I was working and threatened to gouge my eyes out.  He was a big man and yelling at me, getting in my face.  I\’m not sure how I would have handled the situation before training, but I know I was prepared.  Luckily the situation didn\’t escalate to combat, but perhaps it would have if I didn\’t handle it the way I did.  I was sober of my abilities, but took a disarming, defense stance as taught.  I was alert and had a plan of action if he attacked me.  I put my palms out in front of me, spoke for him to calm down authoritatively, allowed him to back me up with a good stance that would enable me to move quickly.  I think the thing that stands out the most is that I wasn\’t afraid or shaky and continued to stare him right in the eyes with all of his intimidation.  I\’m sure he noticed it, and perhaps that\’s why he didn\’t attack.  I think people can sense when an opponent may be more of a match than they are willing to engage.\”

\”I am thankful for Brian and the staff at SwiftKick!   We actually drive all the way up from San Diego to participate.  That hasn\’t been easy, but worth it. Training has always been enjoyable and the benefits are far reaching.\”

\”Within a few months of working out with SwiftKick I noticed a problem I had with my left knee—a problem I had for years from a snowboarding incident—clear up.  This was the only exercise program I was doing.  I also had an area in my lower back disappear from an injury several years earlier that would flare up sending pain all the way down to my knee.  I guess all the body conditioning exercise we were doing was like physical therapy for that area of my body.  The interesting thing is that I have had to stop training for a few months due to work and busyness; my knee is still pain free, but that problem area in my back is starting to return.  That is very motivating to get back to training! I think it is all the leg and core strengthening that has made a huge difference.\”

\”I also noticed an affect on my mindset from training.  Martial arts has a way of helping weak thinking break off into more of a focused and bold lifestyle. Something about putting on gloves and exchanging punches with an opponent as well as kicking and hitting pads just feels good and helps me roll with life\’s punches as I strive to stay on top of my game.\”

\”I\’m grateful to be more prepared to defend me and my family should situations arise, thankful my son is learning how to defend himself, looking forward to my baby to start training in a couple of years and look forward to growing in our skills as a family.\”


Jon Hall\’s youngest (red-head) son standing tough—

Future SwiftKick student.



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