Giving the Gift of Empowerment Through Self Defense

If you are like most people, seeing the signs advertising only 65 days until Christmas triggered some emotional responses. Maybe anxiousness, maybe excitement, and perhaps a combination of both. The surprise of how close the holidays may begin the gears turning and figuring out what gifts to get. This decision-making process can be daunting if there are people in your life who seem to have everything, or when they want something, they buy it for themselves before you ever get the chance. It\’s hard to pinpoint when gift-giving became so challenging, but it may be wanting to give a gift that brings actual value to those we love and care about. A perfect solution for this holiday season is giving the gift of experience. The gift of an experience has become much more popular over the years, whether individual or with others. Whether it\’s tickets to a play, a concert, a massage, an opportunity to race a car, or taking a self-care class, offering experiences is the best way to ensure the recipients love their gifts this year. Might we argue that gifting someone in your life a self-defense class might be the best gift they ever get? Gifting a self-defense class sends a positive message of wanting to encourage empowerment.

Self Defense Classes for Women

Although self-defense training is appropriate and incredibly beneficial to everyone, women often hesitate more than men when it comes to personally choosing to train in self-defense. Most professional martial arts studios have classes designed specifically for young ladies and women, training in self-defense. Self-defense techniques are the foundation of martial arts training. However, women are wise to be aware of typical attacker approaches and learn to avoid those and having the techniques to break away from someone stronger or bigger can be a life-saving gift.

What better gift is there than equipping someone you love with skills to protect themselves and build their confidence? SwiftKick San Diego offers one and two-day courses and private sessions for six or more people. Maybe if you are hosting a holiday this year or meeting up with a group of friends, scheduling a private self-defense course is right up there with team-bonding rope courses and other self-care activities that people rave over.

Self Defense Training for the Whole Family

If you expect a full house this year, organize a self-defense class for an incredible and memorable family outing! Skills learned are invaluable and include situational awareness, threat avoidance, accessing survival instincts, and how to work through adrenaline spikes. Other techniques taught in self-defense should consist of guarding against attacks, stopping an attacker, breaking away, and protecting oneself on the ground. Gaining the confidence that comes with knowing one can protect themselves and others that they care for is the best thing you can gift someone this holiday season.

Exceptional self-defense training blends martial arts with self-defense in a dynamic program that is safe, fun, and engaging. These skills never lose their value, starting at a young age and continuing for a lifetime. Find a martial arts studio with professionals experienced in self-defense. If you have never taken a self-defense class, maybe it is a gift you consider giving yourself. It is incredibly empowering to know your strength and abilities when it comes to self-defense.

Of course, the hope is that one will never have to utilize self-defense skills. Confidence and empowerment are the true gifts. Although it is common to give someone a self-defense gift, like pepper spray in their favorite color canister, without knowing how to access the spray and use it effectively, it is less likely to deter an attacker. Many self-defense tools are significantly more effective with some basic self-defense training. Having pepper spray is not valuable if you cannot break away from an attacker and use it effectively against them.

Giving the Gift of Personal Safety

Giving the gift of personal safety is something you can give to your daughter, your niece, your aunt, your mom, and your grandma. Many people find that martial arts, even in an abbreviated format, is exceptionally beneficial. Giving self-defense as a gift shows someone you love them, you care for them, and that their personal safety is essential. Giving the gift of self-defense speaks volumes about the value of that person in your life and offers peace of mind that most people never even knew they were missing.

If you\’re stumped on gift-giving this Christmas, consider the gift of empowerment and confidence through a martial arts gift certificate or self-defense class. SwiftKick martial arts brings years of experience and dedicated professionals instructing a thoughtful and blended self-defense program if you are in the Carlsbad or Rancho Bernardo areas of San Diego. With so many options, it just makes sense as an out-of-the-box gift for someone you love and care for.

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