The Benefits of Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a highly effective hybrid sport that includes Karate, Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, Judo, wrestling, and boxing techniques. Mixed martial arts offer a variety of techniques from across multiple styles. Although MMA can trigger images of cage fighting, the concept taught in a combined program provides countless benefits. Instead of choosing one martial arts style, especially for those just exploring martial arts, participating in an excellent mixed martial arts program is a perfect introduction to different types while learning a broad range of skills. Although some students stay in MMA, others choose one style to pursue that fits their goals.

Although every martial arts style is grounded in foundational characteristics, each has unique techniques. Experienced instructors teach the best from each, and MMA training equips students to practice standing and on the ground. Self-defense in both positions provides a well-rounded understanding of how to overcome an opponent. MMA is more versatile than one style and is an excellent starting point for young students.

Benefits of Mixed Martial Arts Training

There are countless benefits for young students through mixed martial arts training. One of the most prominent benefits is that it exposes students to various styles as they learn different self-defense techniques. Young students begin martial arts training and may start with one style, such as karate. However, because martial arts are so personal, if a child begins in only one style, they may get turned off from martial arts altogether. The enormous benefits of continued martial arts training should encourage families to try programs offering mixed martial arts instruction. Especially for young martial art students, providing a fun and safe environment to be active and try several different styles of martial arts will keep them returning.

Other martial arts training benefits are developing social skills in peer groups, problem-solving, overcoming adversity, and goal setting. Some core disciplines taught in a reputable and family-friendly studio are self-awareness, self-control, and self-discipline. Every young person can use these in their lives immediately and well into the future.

MMA Training Teaches More Than Just Moves

Although well-designed mixed martial arts training incorporates a variety of styles, the routines are broken down into manageable learning sections. Young students learn to concentrate and display self-control on and off the mat. Improved coordination and focus naturally develop through continued MMA training.

Continued martial arts training grows self-esteem, confidence, and respect for others. Often working with an excellent martial arts studio means goal setting is part of the program, and many children have never set their own goals before beginning martial arts. It is an incredible life skill.

MMA Does Not Teach Aggression

Contrary to what many think about mixed martial arts, it does not encourage aggression in children. On the contrary, it emphasizes self-discipline and self-control. Mixed martial arts training is all-inclusive, welcoming students of all ages and genders. Well-established studios, like SwiftKick, have instructors that have experience working with students with special needs and provide instruction geared to their success. Mixed martial arts do not exclude and give every student a chance to thrive and gain self-confidence. If a young person feels they do not fit in with other peer groups or do well in other activities, participating in a family-friendly mixed martial arts program will elevate them!

MMA is a Great Exercise

MMA training is a fun way to stay fit. Weekly training classes provide opportunities for real-time feedback on techniques and encourage practicing in between meetings. Many families desperately seek valuable daily exercise for children who are not ready to go for a jog or a bike ride after school. Everyone can participate and succeed in martial arts.

Mixed Martial Arts are Excellent for Children Under 13

Mixed martial arts for kids under 13 do not get the attention it deserves because many parents are misinformed. Concern over the misconception about MMA negatively affecting children’s behavior and causing aggression prevents many young students from experiencing all the benefits MMA offers. All research and evidence point to the opposite, giving children a positive way to channel their energy. Mixed martial arts also teach respect for authority, which helps at home, in the classroom, and socially. Many children who lack a positive self-image find strengths through mixed martial arts training.

MMA Training is All-Inclusive

Having exceptional instructors dedicated to helping children can be life changing. Whether children suffer from hyperactivity symptoms or have other behavior challenges at school, mixed martial arts have helped many families learn to manage and overcome these difficulties. Autism is another condition that makes many activities challenging for children, but mixed martial arts embrace every student where they are, allowing them to grow and achieve individually.

Are you looking for an excellent, well-rounded mixed martial arts program in San Diego? SwiftKick Martial Arts is established in the San Diego areas of Rancho Bernardo and Carlsbad. Finding a local studio with an atmosphere that fits families is the first step to a lifetime of individual growth and success!

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