Top Six Reasons to Begin Martial Arts Training

Martial Arts Are Excellent Physical Fitness

Many underestimate the value of exercise. Physical fitness is not just hitting the gym anymore. Martial arts is an incredible workout that builds core strength, tones muscles, and improves balance and flexibility. It is a misunderstanding that martial arts are not a cardio workout because the requirements of martial arts are a great form of getting physical, matching the same health benefits as an aerobics class.

It is a myth that one must already be fit to start training in martial arts. A reputable and professional studio will offer multiple classes for various levels and ages. Due to the focus of martial arts on improving balance, many find improved flexibility a natural result.

Martial Arts Teach Mental and Physical Balance

The unique characteristic of exceptional martial arts training is a balance of mental focus that makes the physical elements effective and meaningful. Physical exercise and training are useless if, as soon as a real-life scenario arises and emotional surges happen, the skills and techniques are forgotten or overridden by adrenalin spikes or crashes. As students train in martial arts, each move is designed to be tested by displaying the skill in a sparring setting. Training students must recognize each skill\’s unique tendencies and how outside factors may affect a situation by altering their abilities.

Martial Arts Teach Using Your Voice As A Tool

Although many think self-defense is just kicking or punching, an exceptional martial arts studio will train that the voice is a very powerful tool in self-defense. Young people significantly benefit from this training because their size often cannot rival an attacker\’s. Using words that deter an attacker and attract attention can save lives by learning to use your voice loudly and firmly.

Martial Arts Create Social Connections

Excellent martial art studios will have enough classes and trained instructors to train within peer groups. Due to these opportunities, organically, relationships and friendships form in these healthy and encouraging environments. Some martial art studios have a very competitive focus, and those studios are an excellent way to train for competitions and tournaments. However, martial arts can be for everyone if looking for a way to stay fit and learn self-defense without hyper-competition. Find a family-friendly dojo near where they work or live. Whether outgoing or shy, children find they make friends because they are working towards personal goals to achieve a higher belt ranking in the program and are among like-minded peers. Martial art studios that have been around a while have established classes that build upon one another, allowing students to continue to grow in their art as they get older and more skilled. SwiftKick is the top martial arts studio in San Diego County and has several students who have returned to instruct. These students turned instructors have a unique insight into the process so they can encourage and train others on how to move forward successfully.

The instructors are vital factors in effective and successful training in martial arts. Students of all abilities should feel confident they can achieve their goals in martial arts. A physical or mental disability does not exclude anyone from participating and becoming a master of martial arts. The best studios will have instructors who specialize in working with children of specific age groups, special needs groups, and other groups that benefit from different instruction styles and approaches.

Stress Relief Anger Management Through Martial Arts

Hitting the gym after a long day or going for an exhausting run is a go-to for many seeking to de-stress after work. There are many options when some pent-up energy needs to be released healthily. There are smash rooms, gun ranges, bars, and other coping mechanisms people use, but martial arts is a balanced and safe way to process the stresses of life.

Self-Defense Training Saves Lives

Self-defense is a life skill for people of any age. Martial arts is not limited by being too young or old. It is never too early to learn basic skills to protect oneself. Many families choose martial arts programs because of the value of learning to use your voice and defend against an attack if it becomes necessary. Many adults think they are too old to start training in martial arts, but martial arts is relevant and adds value to life and health at any age.

Using the mind to focus on a specific skill or sequence of techniques forces the brain to come to a balanced place, organically releasing stress from the body. SO, instead of risking injury by overdoing it by using an alternative way to deal with stress, try martial arts and see the benefits.

Martial art is an often-underestimated workout appropriate for all ages with varying athletic and physical abilities. Learning self-defense, even just the basics, teaches breakaway and solid defense skills that can help you get out of a dangerous situation. Lastly, martial arts training is a great workout and an excellent tool for anger and stress management. If you have not given martial arts a try, you should. Find local studios with great reviews, and try a free class!

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