The Power of Harmony

Harmony is an incredibly powerful force.  A person who is able to attain harmony in their life can achieve anything they set out to accomplish.

Whether you are seeking to achieve high goals, life fitness, excel in a competitive sport, or desire a healthy balance in your life, harmony will make all the difference. Conflicting voices inside  your heart and mind can cause confusion, doubt, and uncertainty.  These voices are a silent killer to inspiration and power.  When your inner voices are properly aligned the doubt will be replaced with confident assurance and you will begin to experience tremendous empowerment.

Harmony begins by learning how to tune into what your heart is saying about who you are, your true desires and how you want to do things.  Rather than fighting with yourself and the circumstances and people around you, you will begin to recognize how to adjust yourself so that the very things that were once discouraging you actually give you more leverage.

In considering what harmony looks like we must understand what is meant by \”alignment\”.  Consider the alignment of a powerful strike in martial arts.  To deliver a powerful punch in martial arts it must be properly aligned.  A person may have the intention of hitting hard but if they have not developed proper technique the strike will be fairly ineffective or they may even end up hurting themselves. For instance, in delivering a \”basic\” jab or cross, you should slightly cock the wrist to the side so that the first two knuckles are aligned with the forearm, slightly rotate as the punch is thrown to align the elbow and shoulder with the larger muscles of the back, throw the force of the weight of the body properly by swiveling the legs and hips, and release the whole energy of the body from a powerful stance as the feet are pushed from the ground.  This action utilizes the full force and weight of the body in a snapping motion, snapping back a few inches past the target, not pushing through it in a way that will throw you off balance if you miss.

All of this may seem complicated if you are not trained in martial arts, but for those who have trained for a period of time this becomes thoughtless activity from repetition by developing and applying proper technique.

Just as we can learn how to align our body to deliver powerful strikes, we can also train ourselves to have more leverage and impact in our lives.  By developing routines such as concentrated times of focusing our mind upon the right things, connecting with and aligning with what our heart is saying, developing strong impulse control, and snapping back quickly from disappointment we will find ourselves positioned to succeed in whatever God places in our hearts to achieve.

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