The Power of Adaptability

Many of our students at SwiftKick are either working through an injury or have learned to adapt their training and fighting style around  long term injuries.  Instead of quitting or succumbing to the idea that they \”can\’t\” do something, they have discovered the power of adaptability as they press through.

At the center of adaptability is a positive, can-do attitude.  If a person is looking for an excuse they will find it.  Those who have decided excuses or complaints are not an option are intrepid and accomplish many amazing things.

Check out this footage of Nick Newell.  He is a one armed lightweight MMA fighter who has proven to be a tough opponent to beat.

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Nick adapted to his limitation and did not let it phase him.  Concerning Nick, a fellow fighter states, \”It\’s extraordinary to see that he makes no excuses.\”

Nick Newell has been extremely successful, currently fighting in the XFC with a 6-0 record. Nick challenges us all, saying, \”If you have a goal or something you want to do or accomplish, go for it!\”

So what are your limitations? Are you looking for excuses or  finding a way around them? At SwiftKick we are all about encouraging you to rise up and achieve all that is in your heart! Let us know how we can challenge and support you!

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