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Self-Care Is Not Just a Buzz Word

Although the term “self-care” seems to be inundating social media and used in marketing, it is much more than just a buzzword. Self-care means taking time for oneself. Believe it or not, carving time out for ourselves seems impossible on busy days, weeks, or seasons of life. It is encouraging that people recognize that some level of self-care is necessary for both physical and mental health.

Let’s give ourselves a break. We have suffered through a life-altering pandemic, repeated reports of active shootings, and the news is riddled with division among people. Now, more than ever, each person should do self-care for their well-being and those around them. When you think of self-care, you may imagine a spa day, a day on the golf course, or just some time alone at the beach. Whatever it looks like, simply recognizing the need for self-care and the immense benefits it offers is critical to healing ourselves and our nation. Thankfully, this week, our government approved a simple suicide hotline, 9-8-8, which indicates that there is a dire need to connect with people who struggle with mental and emotional issues on a national level. Self-care is a step in the right direction when it comes to focusing on oneself and doing things that are healthy and beneficial just for one.

Fitness and Physical Exercise as Self-Care

Self-care looks different for everyone, but it is no mystery that many choosing self-care for the first time are looking for physical activity to incorporate into their lives. Taking a walk, using the stairs, parking further away from the entrance, and other small efforts significantly impact physical and mental health. Physical activity is proven to positively affect mood and mental health, not to mention getting the heart rate going does wonders for the body!

If you are looking for a reliable source of physical activity with a mental aspect to the training, look no further than your local martial arts studio. Professional studios will offer a variety of classes that make everyone feel welcome. Whether a first-time exerciser or a seasoned gym rat, well-rounded martial arts training continues to be one of the most effective options available. Finding the best physical activity for your lifestyle is vital in sticking with it. Due to exceptional martial arts programs\’ design, the physical ability does not matter. What does matter is getting started, finding support and accountability among peers, and working hard to achieve goals. Martial arts are unique because of the combined training of the mind and body together. The demand for mental focus during sessions has helped many people overcome anger and stress issues as they can focus longer and exercise self-control.

Overall, martial arts have incredible benefits for the body and mind and are a perfect way to get some self-care!

Self-Care Supports Emotional Health and Connecting with Others

Isolation can cause depression and anxiety. Often, just knowing others are out there going through the same thing makes it manageable. Although not everyone is an extrovert and can’t wait until their next social engagement, everyone wants to be known and heard. It was a milestone designating a suicide hotline this week, and although long overdue, it is now a resource that, hopefully, many more use. Even if you consider yourself an introvert, finding a group to connect with can be a very positive thing to do for self-care.

Consider joining a community center activity, a gym, or heading to a dojo for some excellent self-defense classes. Put yourself out there and take some steps to connect with others.

Making Time for Self-Care Daily, Weekly, or Whenever Possible

There is no timeline for self-care. It may be something you try once a day, a week, or periodically. It is simply time to focus on just you. It doesn’t have to cost anything and may frequently change as you find things that make you feel good.

If it is a physical activity you seek for self-care, start small and attend a free class on something you are considering. It is easy to tell from one session if the location and atmosphere are welcoming and fit your self-care needs. Those who already have an exercise routine planned for their week may increase the volume they do, while others are stumped about where to begin. If you are in the latter group, consider finding a local and friendly martial arts studio to try out. Since no minimum experience is needed, this self-care step can be life changing.

Incorporating self-care into daily life has immense benefits, and as interest in overall health grows nationwide, Americans are looking for outlets to improve their physical and mental conditions. There are endless options, so find ways that work for your lifestyle, and do not wait to start taking care of yourself.

If you are in the San Diego area, contact SwiftKick Martial Arts for a free class!

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