The Power of Purpose

People have an amazing ability to rationalize or make a myriad of excuses for their behavior. We come up with convincing explanations of why we are or are not doing something. Some of us have perfected the art by the time we reach adulthood and are so convincing we even deceive ourselves. Life can be easier that way, if we feel good about ourselves while operating at a level way below our calling.

Calling… Now there is a weighty word. Most people are not even aware of a calling in life, they just have an idea of what kind of person they want to be, or at a more base level how it feels to act lame or to behave in ways that feel good.  All people are somewhat motivated by what feels good and what doesn\’t; we try to avoid pain and discomfort while naturally gravitating towards pleasure. But when we get a sense of calling we can find purpose for pain and discomfort which can ultimately lead to more fulfillment.

For instance, we sometimes see students drop out after just a few months of training. There can be a variety of reasons, but usually there is some sort of discomfort. Perhaps they don\’t want to spend the money anymore or start to feel tired with showing up to class twice a week when they could be sitting on the couch watching their favorite TV show. Perhaps true change is starting to occur and something in them withdraws. Whatever the reason the student has not found true purpose in their training, at least not one that extends beyond a few months.

The students who find a greater purpose behind their training are the ones who stick it out during difficult seasons and are those who reap great rewards as a martial artist. Purpose is a power that can drive us towards great achievements, accomplishments much more significant than being a skilled martial artist.

Who do you feel called to be? Have you found a greater purpose in your life and behind the things you are doing? Any one person who has achieved greatness in anything have this one thing in common: the have discovered a deep rooted \”why\”. They have a reason for striving for greatness. Their purpose has greater power over them than the desire to sleep in late in the morning or numb out to movies and social media for hours on end. Their purpose enables them to make wise decisions and focus as they continue walking their sacred path.

When you find true purpose you will no longer tolerate your pitiful excuses and will simply do what you need to do to become who you are striving to become. When you get knocked down you will get up again; when you butt up against a wall you will figure how to break through. If there is something you don\’t know you will learn it and seek those who can help you be successful. In short, if you discover the power of purpose you will certainly see things through and succeed!


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