Physical Fitness Makes the Top Ten on 2023 New Year’s Resolution Lists

As 2022 wraps, many find themselves contemplating life as we approach 2023. It is no surprise that getting physically fit or setting new fitness goals is often in the top ten of everybody\’s New Year’s Resolution list. Weightlifters set goals to do more reps or pounds, while others commit to incorporating physical activity into their week for the first time. It does not matter when or what people choose to do. Any physical activity is beneficial. Walking, running, biking, yoga, and martial arts get the heart rate up and the body moving, which builds up immunity and can ward off illness and help shed unwanted pounds.

Physical Fitness Benefits the Body and Mind

Whether an avid gym rat or a dedicated 10,000-step-a-day walker, having some regular exercise has immense health benefits. Not only does having twenty minutes of exercise a day help people with their heart health, but it also has positive effects on emotional and stress levels. Keeping the body moving regularly has been shown to increase overall movement and muscle strength in children and adults. The unique design of martial arts programs is the connection of the mind and body, so other areas of improvement are balance, focus, and self-control.

Martial Arts Offer True Beginner Classes

One of the things that prevent people from beginning an exercise routine is that many classes say they are for all levels, but it often ends up that there actually is some experience or knowledge required. An example is if you are new to cycling and try a spin class. Not only does it seem everyone else is an expert when you can\’t get the machine on due to unfamiliarity with the cycles, but it is also uncomfortable and embarrassing. Taking a beginning yoga class for the first time has language and moves that, if you do not know, the class has moved on to the next move by the time you figure it out.

Finding an actual beginner class in any exercise is difficult. Martial arts studio, SwiftKick, customizes its courses to accommodate students with continued training and those starting for the first time. Martial arts are an individual sport within a peer group, so there is no direct competition with other students. This allows a natural transition to attending classes and building skills at one\’s own pace. Additionally, expert and caring instructors will ensure new students are learning with additional attention and instruction. A professional studio like SwiftKick, does this seamlessly, making newcomers and beginners feel welcome and encouraged. It is always wise to try a free class when offered to ensure the studio matches what you are looking for in a workout.

Sticking to a New Year’s Resolution

In looking at some popular tips to keep a New Year’s Resolution, 2023 offers a fresh start for anyone willing to commit to change. Any change to improve your body and mind will help you socially, physically, and emotionally. There are some things to consider that will help people stick to their goals for the new year. One is to set goals! Without goals, how can progress be measured? Many people make the mistake of not setting goals, leaving the resolution quickly left behind without milestones to encourage continuing. Martial arts are designed around goal setting and individual goals at that. Every student sets their own goals and is celebrated when they meet one by their peers and instructors.

Another consideration for sustainable change in 2023 is remembering that real change takes time. Life changes that will last should not happen immediately but over time. It is also critical to have support when making changes through New Year’s resolutions. Even though January 1st is the official first day for most people when it comes to implementing the first steps, having support along the way keeps people accountable and helps re-focus if there is a misstep. Peer groups in a healthy martial arts studio provide accountability partners as well as others who have struggled with the same things.

Achieving goals can be incredibly challenging, especially when setting them for the first time. People need people and working in a friendly and healthy martial arts studio can be an excellent way to start a fitness routine that lasts. It has been found that journaling is an incredible tool for sticking to a resolution. Since there will likely be setbacks, a journal can serve as a reminder of the successes and hurdles overcome to that point. Remember, sustainable change is the long game and not an overnight success. Keeping track of why, when, and the journey’s ups and downs can be enough to remind people their decision to be better in 2023 is worth it.

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