Is a Good Night’s Sleep Key to More Effective Martial Art Workouts?

Few people feel they get enough sleep every night. Most adults look enviously at children who seem to be able to sleep just about anywhere and through all kinds of noise. Once children reach a certain age, sleep becomes critical to growth, and adults seem to get further and further from an ideal night\’s slumber. Most people know that sleep is necessary and that too little of it, especially repeatedly, can lead to emotional and health issues. So, can a good night\’s rest help achieve better workouts? The short answer is yes.

The Human Body Requires Sleep

Every single process of the body requires some rest. Physical and mental development rely on rest and sleep to recover and rebuild. Sleep also allows the body to strengthen and fight disease, regulate metabolism, and develop immunity. A tired body is more vulnerable to illness and injury. A rested body will result in more effective martial art workouts because the muscles and brain have had time to recover.

Contrary to what some think, the brain remains active during sleep and carries out essential functions. Lack of sleep leaves the body worn out, and some common illnesses associated with lack of sleep are high blood pressure, obesity, and even some strokes are caused by excessive and repeated lack of sleep. Our bodies are not designed to go constantly and never rest. Working out in martial arts and other fitness routines depletes the body\’s reserves, so it is critical to replenish a body with plenty of water and good protein to help the body rebuild and will also help the body sleep better.

Busy Life Needs Balance of Physical Activity and Sleep

The CDC reports that more than one-third of Americans get the required sleep. Whether it is attributed to too busy of life or the inability to turn off the brain when the head hits the pillow, Americans clearly struggle to get the recommended amount of sleep most nights. The human body requires physical activity, a healthy diet, and the recommended sleep to stay mentally and physically fit. These requirements are for all ages, and children and adults enrolled in martial arts find the mind and body training provides an excellent way to engage both in one setting.

How Can a Better Night’s Sleep Be Achieved?

There are some recommended ways to encourage a better night\’s sleep. In today\’s mass marketing social media platform, people are trying all sorts of solutions that promise to work. Until they don\’t. Although nothing is guaranteed, and everyone has a formula that sometimes works for them, there are a few things worth noting that could help.

Lower Amount of Caffeine in the Afternoon

Since caffeine is a stimulant, skip the afternoon soda or coffee. It has also been shown that caffeine blocks a hormone that the body produces to help cause sleepiness, so the added caffeine too close to bedtime will stop your body from doing what it naturally wants to do to give the body rest.

Reduced Screen Time Before Bedtime

Parents tell their kids all the time – no screen time before bed. Well, adults are wise to follow their advice. The brain is triggered to rest when there is a lack of light, and melatonin is produced—looking at a television screen or device signals the brain that it isn\’t time to rest. The disruption to the body\’s natural desire to get sleepy can prevent the body from going to sleep and stimulates the brain, making it harder to shut it off.

Lights tell the brain it is time to be awake and alert, so if staying away from a show or social media doesn\’t do it, it may be necessary to turn off anything with lights, including the router or other devices that create light in an otherwise dark room.

Eating Late Causes Insulin Surge

Many people snack late. However, eating close to bedtime triggers the pancreas to release insulin to break the food down – now, does that sound like a resting body? No! The body is busy taking care of the food that just came in, which does not allow the body to enter a restful state. Try to eat a few hours before bed, so the body has time to digest properly.

Although there is no magic solution for getting a good night\’s sleep, these are some everyday things people can try to help. A more solid slumber will improve mood, strengthen the immune system, and improve fitness workouts. If you are looking for an easy fitness routine to fit into your lifestyle, try a martial arts program close to work or home. Martial arts studios like SwiftKick, located in Carlsbad and Rancho Bernardo, can be a fun way for the whole family to engage in a healthy activity and may help everyone sleep a little better tonight!

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