Impact Student Highlight

Recently we completed a training module in our Impact Class which consists of both adults and teens. The purpose of the module was to improve the fundamental understanding of the functional sparring game.

I was so impressed with some of our students I thought I\’d highlight their achievements on our website.

Two of our most improved Impact Students are Hannah Vaca and Shane Campbell. After completing this module, I literally saw their skill in sparring improve at least twice maybe three times the level it was when they started! Shane, a level one, and Hannah, a level three, both attend the 6:15 PM class on Monday and Wednesday at SwiftKick Martial Arts in Rancho Bernardo. Dedicated and high achieving students, these teens showed up to pretty much every class in the module and applied a conceptual intellectual aspect to their skill improvement. They identified points of weakness in their own game and implemented the drills and lessons to overcome their weaknesses and highlight their strengths! Martial arts requires just as much if not more mental energy than it does physical energy! Great job Hannah and Shane, I\’m impressed and proud of both of you!

So far, the the module training in our program has really pushed everyone to make improvements in their skill level;  the vast majority of our Impact Students are looking and performing so much better! I now challenge everyone to apply an intellectual approach to their skill development as well in order to see further growth as martial artists!

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