SwiftKick Christmas Special Gift Certificate

This Christmas we are offering a special deal to those who would like to give the gift of martial arts for Christmas.
So many of you have been such great supporters of SwiftKick and its mission to change and positively impact lives through the martial arts since we began. The martial arts have changed my life and many of you have expressed how the martial arts has helped develop an entire lifestyle change that has truly made a difference for you and your family. If you know someone you feel can benefit as you have from being a part of the SwiftKick Family and would like to get them started with classes we have an opportunity for you to do so.
Also, if you have friends or family that are thinking of a gift to give to a friend, kids, or grandkids, they have the opportunity to take advantage of this deal. Just have them contact SwiftKick at 858-385-1600 or email at info@swiftkickma.com.   

If you have someone that you feel would enjoy the experience of training in the martial arts with SwiftKick you can set them up with one month of lessons plus a t-shirt!

Call 858-385-1600 or email  brian@swiftkickma.com for more details!

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