Free Training In Swiftkick Martial Arts Studio

If you have been considering training in the Martial Arts, now is the time to go for it!

We are running two promotions, one for our adult class and one for our kids.


Two FREE Trial Classes


Former San Diego Padre shares why he enjoys Swiftkick Martial Arts :

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Why Should You Join?


The Benefits:

Great life fitness program to GET IN SHAPE.

Improved energy, improved physical performance, and overall health!
IMPROVED LIFE PERFORMANCE and mental performance with life coaching.

Stress management, promotes greater well-being.

Valuable self-defense training COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE.


Call us Today at 858.385.1600 to enroll

in Your FREE Classes.


Don\’t keep your fitness and life goals at bay!  Call us today and get involved with a program that will really put a sharp edge on your life.

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