February Champion of the Month

Congratulations to our Champion of the Month:

Scott Smith!!




If there is one word to describe Scott, it\’s unstoppable. Nothing stops Scott from accomplishing what he sets out to do; he can accomplish anything he puts his mind to. Scott is an incredibly hard worker and pushes himself beyond his limits at every class. If you put an obstacle in front of him, he\’ll rise above, sneak below, or plow right through.

I have been impressed that Scott has been able to overcome the many injuries he sustained earlier in life prior to training at SwiftKick. He always finds a way to modify a drill to reduce injury and perform at a high level.

Scott embodies the Champion Program well. He appreciates and is excited about the vision of SwiftKick Martial Arts; particularly the mission of the Champion Program as a life performance vehicle which empowers adults to take back control of their lives by finding a practical and enjoyable way to get in shape, learn something new, and improve as an individual overall. Not only does he believe in SwiftKick, but he is willing to help in whatever way to help make this happen.

Thank you Scott for your support and friendship. I am blessed to have you as a friend and a member of our program!


Here is a brief interview of our February Champion:
Q:  How long have you been training with SwiftKick?  Why did you first enroll?
A:  I’ve been training for about a year and four months. My whole family was already doing SKMA. I enrolled for exercise and to improve my physical and mental discipline.

Q:  What did you think of your first few classes?
A:  I had a lot of fun! The class was more fun than running on the tread mill! (laughs)

Q:  What feels different when you train now compared to then?
A:  My mental sharpness has improved; my reaction to things. Better endurance too.

Q:  What has motivated you to keep training?
A:  I really have a good time working out with the people there and look forward to the nights I can go!

Q:  What has been your favorite module of training?
A:  I like the boxing module, but mostly the sparring. I’m a bit more aggressive by nature so I look forward to it!

Q:  Do you feel like you could hold your own if attacked on the street?
A: (Laughing) I could probably hold my own!

Q:  Do you feel like SwiftKick has been a good investment?
A:  It’s been a great investment for the family. I feel more confident they can protect themselves in a greater variety of circumstances.

Q:  What would you say to anyone considering joining SwiftKick?
A:  It’s definitely well worth your time and effort. You can almost gain back a year or two of your stamina and agility from doing the program! It helps keep your metabolism up when you get past your 30’s- gives you enough exercise so you can sort of eat what you want to eat. My wife tells me I might be 10 years older than the guy pushing his baby’s stroller up the hill but I am 20 years younger physically!

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