Can Martial Arts Help with Weight Loss?

Although the emphasis of martial arts training can focus on self-defense, it should be noticed that regular training is an excellent tool for anyone seeking to shed a few pounds. Martial arts are not for kids and teens but for all ages and levels of athletic ability. Adults are finding multiple benefits from martial arts training. Often, the scariest part is the search for a martial arts studio that is the best for you. It is essential to walk into a studio and feel welcomed, not judged and encouraged.

Martial Arts Health Benefits

There are countless benefits to martial arts training for adults, and one of them is weight loss. A typical martial arts training class can burn up to 1,000 calories, depending on body weight and activity level. Any form of martial arts provides an excellent physical workout that can benefit gym goers, weightlifters, boxers, and walkers. Speeding up the heart rate and movement style minimizes the risk of injury. Balance is a foundational skill of martial arts training, and excellent studios work with each student to help them achieve their personal best. Experienced instructors will not require students to attempt moves or techniques that may put them at risk of injury.

Someone who has never worked out, and chooses to take up martial arts, will have an opportunity to begin right where they are with no pressure to be at the same level as other students.

Martial Arts is an Individual Sport

One of the unique things about martial arts is the individuality of goal setting. Like weight loss, the martial arts journey is a personal one. Setting and achieving goals within martial arts naturally results in plans for greater fitness levels, including weight loss and muscle toning.

Obesity is a growing problem in America. Being overweight can take a toll on your life and body. Growing adults may find themselves trying to lose weight and begin exercise for the first time. Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is essential to overall health. Fitness is designed to build a stronger body and immune system to help people fight disease and prevent physical ailments caused by being stationary. Some health issues may be knee or ankle stress, challenges with balance, and extra stress on the heart and circulatory system.

Martial Arts Are a Fun Way to Lose Weight

When people think about losing weight, they often think about heading to the gym. Although the gym works well for some people looking to get and stay fit, participating in a martial arts training program provides many health benefits. Participating in a friendly and supportive martial arts dojo offers the physical but also the mental. Training, whether to lose weight or for another reason, students practice in peer groups, so there is a social benefit to martial arts training many do not think of at first. Being in a group of like-minded adults, led by masterful and encouraging instructors, is a recipe for weight loss success.

Although it may be stating the obvious, a person must burn more calories than they eat in a day to lose weight. Even though many people procrastinate starting an exercise routine to achieve weight loss, a few pounds can significantly impact how someone feels physically and emotionally. Once a routine of training is in place, the physical workout, along with a few pounds off, makes for an excellent start and keeps people motivated to continue their journey.

A professional martial arts studio with programs designed for adults provides a supportive environment where reaching goals is celebrated, and challenges are overcome. The accountability of being in a martial arts training program also creates a sense of community. People are missed when they can\’t be in class, and the connections are genuine.

The different forms of martial arts include Krav Maga, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, and Karate. Individually or combined, these workouts increase the heart rate, strengthen endurance, improve balance and focus and leave the body and mind in better health. There is no downside to martial arts training when trying to lose weight and find an activity that is comfortable for everyone.

Toning Muscles Happens Through Martial Arts

Toning muscles is another goal of many people seeking physical exercise to incorporate into their lives. The great news is that due to the focus on balance and control, muscles are toning every minute of a martial arts workout! Training sessions begin with a warm-up, then movement and practice for the upper and lower body, and then a core element (although the core is engaged in most activity in martial arts due to the requirement of balance). You may be thinking that you need a better balance, and that is the point! Martial arts training improves balance; every time your balance improves, your muscles naturally tone. Every time your muscles tone, your body burns fat more efficiently, which makes every workout more impactful!

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