Why Martial Arts is the Best Fitness Workout for Adults

Exercise is paramount to living a healthy lifestyle. Consistent exercise is clinically proven to help maintain a healthy weight, increase energy, reduce stress, reduce the risk of several serious illnesses, improve mental acuity, increase happiness, and make us look and feel good!

Even though we all know the importance of regular exercise, many people do not participate in a regular workout regimen. Those who happen to get inspired to make a change tend to stop on average after 3 months. Furthermore, if you are one of the select few that have been able to find something consistent, it’s all too easy to become sidetracked with the busyness of life and find yourself out of a workout routine.

SwiftKick Martial Arts has specifically designed the Adult Champion Program for busy, time-constrained, working professionals who are looking for a way to get results, get in shape and reduce stress.

Here are five reasons why martial arts is such an effective way to get in great shape:

Martial Arts is tons of fun

Let’s face it, in today’s fast paced, instant gratification world, we get bored easily. Not only can it be difficult to be motivated to work out, it can also be routine and monotonous once you are there. It’s incredibly difficult to stick with a workout program that does not keep you mentally engaged. Punching, kicking, and learning self-defense is interesting and incredibly enjoyable. When your mind is involved in learning, the time races by. In our program, we switch up learning a new series every six weeks. There’s no time to be bored! Our martial arts program keeps the mind sharp while toning the body.

Martial Arts classes keep you accountable

Studies show it’s much easier to be consistent in your workout when you have a dedicated workout partner. Unfortunately, there are several barriers that can make it difficult to have a regular, committed workout partner to help hold you accountable. Furthermore, when there is no scheduled time or fitness routine, it’s easy to continuously put off going to the gym. In martial arts, you attend a scheduled class time that keeps you on track and train with like-minded individuals who encourage you in your progress. At SwiftKick, many of our clients have become great friends and report that the community they have developed is like extended family. This not only helps our clients stay on track but actually makes coming to class something they look forward to every week!

A coach will help you get results

When we are sick, we see a doctor. When we need legal advice, we talk to an attorney. When we have a need, we seek an expert in the field to help us resolve our problem. Having a qualified, experienced fitness coach can make a massive difference when looking to get results. Not only can unguided efforts prove a waste of time and money, it can also result in injury. At SwiftKick, I personally meet with every client to help them set and achieve their desired results. Furthermore, showing up to a class means you don’t have to plan what to do for the workout. No need to ponder what you need to do to switch it up each time you go to the gym. Simply show up to class, workout, and go home.

Martial Arts is proven to be a highly effective full body workout

Martial arts is a high intensity full body cardio workout that is proven to be one of the top five ways to get in shape fast. Punch pads for 30 seconds and you’ll see why this is an incredibly effective way to workout. Martial arts techniques center around building a strong core. Endurance, explosiveness, balance, and flexibility are all developed in a consistent martial arts training program. At SwiftKick, our clients have a blast learning to protect themselves while losing weight, increasing energy, and developing a healthy body.

Martial Arts becomes a lifestyle

Ask most participants in the martial arts why they started and they’ll mention the self-defense and fitness benefits. Ask most why they continue to do martial arts for long-term and they’ll tell you it’s become a lifestyle. Learning to protect yourself and getting in great shape are natural by-products of training in a quality martial arts studio. At SwiftKick, we encourage our clients to cultivate a healthy mindset beyond the physical training: reduce stress, have courage to face life’s challenges, persevere to overcome obstacles, be the bigger person in a disagreement, etc. Martial Arts training goes far beyond the physical skills and can help you live a better life.