Preparing You for \”Full Contact Living”.

In the modern age of martial arts there has been a primary focus of employing effective techniques for self defense and fighting in the ring. People want to learn techniques that work as fast as they can that will actually hold up under pressure.

Although this emphasis is also a primary focus of Swiftkick, something has been lacking…

Historically martial arts has always been tied to the art of achieving excellence in ones life beyond the ‘fight’. An artist learns how to take lessons learned on the mat and apply them to their everyday life.

At Swiftkick we put a lot of emphasis on developing character virtues and living a lifestyle of excellence. Excellence can bring about the development of character virtues. Only character virtues are able to cross the boundaries from the experience of the \”martial\” on the mats into the \”art\” of life. Our students are learning how focus and being aware of the people around them and the environments they are in can help them be successful in any arena.

Most of you are aware that Crazy Monkey Defense is central to our training program. They define their focus in the following statement:

In Crazy Monkey Defense we believe in balance. We balance martial/effectiveness with art/excellence. When you train as a Martial Artist first, who seeks to be excellent in their training, you naturally become effective. Here effectiveness transcends just the ability to be good on the mat, in the ring or able to defend oneself — but ties to excellence which leads to personal mastery in life.

Rodney King, the creator of the Crazy Monkey Defense program states, \”Martial Athletes focus on the effectiveness of their game, Martial Artists focus on excellence driven by the game.\”

If you desire to experience victory in your life and balanced living, training with Swiftkick may be one of the best decisions you have ever made. I have seen people transform their lives through martial arts! Today is your day to grab the reins in your life and believe for a more fulfilling lifestyle!

For those of you already in the program, let\’s kick it up a notch! Your development is your responsibility. You have the opportunity to embrace the art that will impact every area of your life.

Brian Cowell


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