PathFinder Program (ages 7-12): How will I know I\’m ready to test for my next belt?

With Belt Testing around the corner on June 15th and June 16th for our PathFinder Students (kids 7-12), some of you may ask how students receive their next rank.

Each student must have a total of SIX STRIPES on his or her belt to be ready to test for rank. Rank testing requires a minimum of about 6 months per rank. This is how each stripe is attained:

1. Complete Four Martial Arts Modules. Simply attend class and test at the end of each module. Each module is five weeks with the final week consisting of stripe testing. If skill is proficient, a full stripe will be awarded.

Stage 1 (White – Green Belts):
Proficient Punching: White Stripe
SwiftKick Kicking: Blue Stripe
Defensive Boxing: Red Stripe
Combat Resistance: Yellow Stripe

Stage 2 (Purple – Red Belts):
Foundational Kickboxing: White Stripe
Perimeter Boxing: Red Stripe
Mid Grid Defense: Yellow Stripe
Clinch Combat: Green Stripe

2. Complete a Base Fitness Evaluation and a Final Fitness Evaluation for Orange Stripe. Fitness Evaluations are available at the completion of each module during the week of stripe testing.

3. Complete two Life Performance Goals related to the SwiftKick Martial Arts Tenets for Black Stripe. This can be done AT ANY TIME throughout your training until your next rank. We encourage families to set goals to help improve behavior in all areas of life including school, sports, personal goals, and relationships.

If all stripes are not attained, students simply wait to test at the next testing opportunity (which is the completion of a module). If you have any questions please let me know. Thanks!

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