Martial Arts Offers Extreme Life Fitness

Martial arts is not usually first on the list when people think of fitness programs. The typical person usually thinks about jogging or getting a membership in the local gym.

The fact is, martial arts should be at the top of the list for physical fitness. Boxers and martial artists are some of the most physically fit people you will ever meet. The fitness regime of training in martial arts is not reserved for just the young and athletic either. Anyone can train and adapt.

Many of the students at SwiftKick are well over 40, 50 and even 60. Some have adapted around specific injuries and are doing quite well. They are, in fact, thriving in their training and love the challenge of it. Many students were not previously athletic or struggled with being overweight and were looking for an avenue to improve their physical fitness. Those who stick with it are not only much more physically fit, but have also developed the mindset needed for a prolonged life of fitness. Martial arts really should be considered for life fitness and as a life performance vehicle to those seriously considering how to get in shape.

Joining a martial arts program is a great way to tone your body and enjoy a healthier you!   Training in the martial arts offers the kind of exercise that is aerobic, increases flexibility, tones the body with core strengthening, increases bone density, increases mental sharpness, and reduces stress. The benefit of being pushed by a trainer along with other peers is amazing, from feeling stronger and having more energy to noticing visible changes in your body due to toning and weight loss. Exercising in the martial arts produces a well rounded workout, exercising both body and mind, giving you a long list of benefits to enjoy.

Aerobic exercise has been targeted as the most important type of activity to optimize one\’s heart and lungs, lower blood pressure, increase blood flow and achieving proper weight. Aerobic exercise also reduces stress levels, helps to slough off toxins in your body, and increases the quality of your sleep.

Flexibility has been targeted as an important element in mobility and living a long life. Through special stretching and workout techniques flexibility is gained and joints strengthened. Hip flexers become more open and flexible as you learn different kicks. The motion of kicking and punching, twisting, changing levels and moving quickly on your feet really builds a firm abdomen. The kicks also tone and strengthen your hips, inner thighs, obliques (bye bye love handles), buttocks and other large muscles in your legs and back. Strengthening your abdomen and legs also helps to relieve back and neck problems.

Martial arts is a weight bearing exercise, which means there is a certain pounding and movements that increase bone density. Improving bone density is crucial to preventing osteoporosis and other degenerative bone conditions which is so important to ensure you will still be active in your later years. Martial arts also increases agility and maximizes your ability to move and react quickly when you need to.

Training in the martial arts is a great way to lose weight and feel great. Training sessions burn an incredible amount of calories. Your mind and even your vision become more sharp and alert. Confidence levels can increase and people often develop more of a mental toughness and \”can do\” attitude. Most students find that training affects every area of their life from work and recreation to family and relationships. Also, getting pummeled a little in a stress reduced environment and learning how to defend yourself can dramatically reduce fear and anxiety in your life, introducing a whole new list of benefits for your health and happiness.

After considering all this, perhaps self-defense is just a bi-product of martial arts and should be heralded as one of the most effective life fitness vehicles out there. If you are considering how to get in shape you should really come out and try a couple classes!!

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