Martial Arts’ Crazy Monkey Defense Meets Basic Needs on Maslow’s Hierarchy

Developed initially to defend oneself in hostile environments on all terrains, one of the foundational ideas of this modern approach to martial arts is self-preservation. In contrast to some other styles within martial arts, Crazy Monkey focuses on the personal development of both the mind and body. Some martial arts styles are naturally more competitive, while others, like Krav Maga, are used in the military and can include techniques that could bring serious harm to an enemy.

A reality of martial arts training is that although learning self-defense empowers people to know they could, in essence, save themselves or help loved ones in harm’s way, most will not experience this type of event in their lifetime. It is the Crazy Monkey Defense that takes self-defense training to the next level because once people feel they can be safe and secure, they move beyond existing limits of self-development.

Fulfilling Basic Need of Safety Allows Personal Development

There is a deep need for humans to feel secure and safe. In Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, along with food, water, and shelter, security is one of the basic needs. In short, that means it is really important! After solidifying basic human needs, personal growth is possible. Crazy Monkey continues into the natural progression of personal growth and skill mastery by introducing self-defense to meet this need. The Crazy Monkey Defense’s combination of training is an extension of self-defense as confidence and mastery work together for a more impenetrable defense mindset.

Strengthening the mind and body can be done at any age, and instead of teaching toughness, intelligence training grounded in Crazy Monkey Defense results in sustainable strength over time. Young children, grown adults, and everything in between can reap the rewards of this type of training. Think of Crazy Monkey Defense as a complete and practical martial arts training approach that offers anyone the opportunity to set and achieve goals while recognizing growth beyond previously thought physical and mental limits. The human mind is a powerful organ, and once self-preservation skills are acquired, personal growth is possible.

Reputable studios will incorporate sparring into their programs. The absence of sparring opportunities means the lack of opportunities to practice at the increased effort. Without sparring, skills are likely less effective in a real-life scenario. The practice of sparring allows the mind to experience the adrenalin that comes with contact, which must be experienced to have complete confidence in the abilities. Sparring, which is play fighting, is monitored, allows a free spirit of play, and gives those training in Crazy Monkey Defense the opportunity to test limits and skills while taking risks. The lessons learned in training and on the mat carry into life and build confidence in meeting goals, overcoming challenges, and being willing to take risks.

Crazy Monkey Self-Preservation

Crazy Monkey Defense is a comprehensive martial arts training style that incorporates self-preservation but focuses on the growth that happens beyond it. Studios that teach this martial arts style typically have a philosophy that includes a modern approach to training that includes more than just the fighting aspects of the art. A well-rounded Crazy Monkey Defense program will consist of techniques from several different martial arts styles, including Karate, Jiu-Jitsu, and Kickboxing, to name a few. The combined skills that are learned collectively give a broad range of techniques purposefully chosen to support the Crazy Monkey Defense’s foundational purpose.

The Crazy Monkey Tribe

The Crazy Monkey approach is focused on more than one person. Although it is an individual sport, training also includes how each person adds value to the studio and outside of training. Encouraging others to meet goals and achieve personal mastery is also an essential element of this approach in martial arts training.

This unique martial arts style involves physical strengthening and mental improvement, preparing those in training to navigate life’s obstacles on and off the mat successfully. Overcoming personal challenges organically happens while training in Crazy Monkey Defense. The focus and continued strengthening of both mind and body teach how to handle personal, professional, and social conflicts calmly and confidently that a resolution will happen.

Crazy Monkey is also unique in that the timing and preciseness of techniques are emphasized as they directly relate to a strike\’s effectiveness. Finding one’s inner warrior and embracing the artistry of smooth and flowing martial arts techniques is common in studios that train in Crazy Monkey. Learning to move beyond the limits of punching and kicking, which can be hyper-competitive, students preparing in Crazy Monkey Defense learn lifetime skills that apply across all areas of life.

SwiftKick’s founder and headteacher, Brian Cowell, holds his training license with the International Crazy Monkey Defense Program. If you reside in San Diego County, contact SwiftKick for a free trial class and begin your journey to personal development and betterment.

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