Joey Sowka Wins Bout in 7 Seconds

Joey Sowka, student and instructor at SwiftKick Martial Arts, won his MMA bout this past Saturday with Epic Fighting in downtown San Diego.  He won the fight by knockout in 7 seconds!


[pro-player width=\’530\’ height=\’253\’ type=\’video\’][/pro-player]


On behalf of SwiftKick we would like to congratulate Joey for his win!  We would also like to point out his impeccable form during the fight.  After watching the footage, watch it again looking specifically at the footwork.  Even while throwing round kicks and being unexpectedly charged with an attempted take down, Joey has a solid and well balanced stance.  His diverse training allowed him to pull off the round kick, knocking his opponent off balance while remaining solid himself. This opened up the first damaging strike.

The other thing that won him this fight is that he was looking for and immediately took any opening to deliver powerful punches.  Even when his opponent tried to take him down he didn\’t just sprawl and create distance, Joey knocked him out!  Well done!

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