Now is a Great Time to Join SwiftKick!

NOW is a great time to join

SwiftKick Martial Arts!


Come join us for a FREE Training Session!

And for a limited time we are waiving the $55.00 registration fee and

giving a FREE t-shirt for those who join SwiftKick!


Experience the amazing benefits of training in the martial arts for yourself!  Come by SwiftKick studio and see what all the buzz is about. We offer an innovative approach to mixed martial arts that is easy to learn and is functional on the streets.

In our program you will:

  • Gain confidence

  • Become more physically fit

  • Get an edge in life with increased focus

Now is your time to step it up in your life!  Call us today to set up an appointment to see the studio.  You can even try out a class for free!

Call us today at 858.385.1600 or e-mail us at:

Offer ends Oct. 25th.



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