Fitness Key to Breakthrough

Why wait for the New Year to kick off your fitness resolutions?

Exercise has proven to dramatically affect a person’s well being, and could be a key to unlocking tremendous breakthrough in your life.

In a study done at the University of Missouri-Columbia they concluded that high-intensity exercise greatly reduces anxiety and stress.  This is significant because anxiety and stress contributes to heart disease, which is the number one killer in America.

Not only does exercise reduce stress, but it also strengthens your heart, boosts your immune system and strengthens your bones.  Becoming more physically fit reduces your blood pressure, increases energy levels, and boosts your immune system.  Exercise also improves muscle tone and boosts self-esteem.

Fitness may also be the answer to more of a positive mindset and energized outlook on life. This is huge because most of life hinges around our mindsets.

A study done at Arizona State University gave evidence that exercise supports positive mental health by helping relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety. The best results occurred with those who performed “rigorous aerobic exercise”.

Part of the reason exercise promotes positive feelings is that chemicals called endorphins are released in the body.  Endorphins aid in helping people have a positive feeling in the body and a more positive and energized mindset.  Rigorous exercise also aids in good sleep patterns which greatly affects one’s health, outlook, and creativity.

The best kind of fitness training combines both cardiovascular exercise with core muscle building.  The cardiovascular burns fat and strengthens your heart and lungs while the strengthening tones muscle. Combining both of these forms of exercise is highly rewarding and is the only way to develop definition in your body such as a “six pack”.

Martial Arts is a great way to become physically fit.  At Swiftkick we combine rigorous cardio workouts with core muscle building. Martial artists are among the best conditioned athletes in the world.  Having an instructor and training with peers will help push you and keep you focused on your fitness goals.  In order to maintain a comparable workout in a fitness center you would most likely need a personal coach to drive you or be a very focused, disciplined individual. As well as getting in shape you will also receive a diversified knowledge of self-defense.

Recently, one of our students shocked his doctor as his blood pressure radically lowered and stabilized after just a few weeks of training with us at Swiftkick.  Undeniable proof that we are a core fitness program!

Many of our students speak of having more of a bounce in their step, greater productivity at work, and increased self-esteem and energy.  Why wait to start something that could potentially revolutionize your life?! Jump on in and experience for yourself what so many are raving about!

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