Champion of the month- Joe Isom

Joe Isom was one of our first Champion Members. Not only is Joe a great client, he has also become a great friend and has shown amazing support to Swiftkick since he began the program.

Joe is very committed to his training and rarely misses class. He approaches his training with intelligence and diligence which has allowed him to develop skills at a very rapid rate. Joe has quickly risen to be one of the top students in the Champion Program and truly represents exactly what it means to be a martial artist:  he shows excellent skills in the martial arts, is in great shape, and he applies his training to all his life pursuits. I am very proud to have Joe as a member and representative of this program.

Joe- we salute you as an honorary member of Swiftkick and dub thee Champion of the month! (clap, clap, clap, whistle, hoot, clap).



We had the privelege of asking Joe a few personal questions.  Here is his interview:

Q: How long have you been training with Swiftkick?

A:  I’ve been training for a little over a year.

Q:  What were the reasons why you first enrolled?

A:  I enrolled because my wife and son were both involved and they wanted me to join in.

Q:  What did you think of your first few classes?

A:  I was surprised at how much fun it was!  I was also impressed with what a good workout it was. In face, for the first 3-4 weeks I was very sore after class.

Q:  What feels different when you train now compared to when you first began?

A:  I feel increased endurance.  I can get through the entire 45 minutes of training without stopping.  At the end of class I actually feel energized instead of tired. In the beginning, when I sparred I was nervous of getting hit.  Now I am very confident about controlling my punches and being able to block my opponent.

Q:  What is your favorite training module?

A:  My favorite module is CM- sparring.

Q:  Do you feel like you could hold your own if attacked on the street?

A:  Yes, I have a lot more confidence.  I feel like I would be able to defend myself and be more in control of a situation.

Q:  How else has Swiftkick affected your confidence?

A:  I feel more accomplished by going to class every week.  It affects my confidence in all areas of my life.  Physically I feel better about my appearance.  People have even complimented me on occasion, saying that I look more in shape than I have in the past.  There is a visible difference.

Q:  What specifically do you feel proud about in regards to training in mma?

A:  I wear my belt at every class.  I also feel a sense of accomplishment and enjoy bragging about it to my family.

Q:  Do you feel Swiftkick has been a good investment?

A:  I have gotten more in return than I ever thought I would.  I am always excited to come to class and also attend extra classes when I can.  It’s addicting!

Q:  Do you have any other interests/sports/hobbies?

A:  I like to snow ski and surf.

Q:  If you could spend a day with one famous person who would it be?

A:  Ronald Reagan

Q:  Are you going go all the way for your black belt?

A:  I’m going to continue on with the program for as long as I am able.  And if it gets me to a Black Belt, then great!

Q:  What would you say to anyone considering joining Swiftkick?

A:  You have to try it at least one time and you’ll be hooked!

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