5 Tips to Help Your Resolutions Succeed

Fail…Flop…Kapoof…How many New Year resolutions have you seen fall to the ground? Well, this year really could be different!  But before you even draft a copy of your New Year resolution for 2012, understand you may need to take a different approach to get different results.Start off by writing this phrase down:  RESOLVED:  This year I will actually do it!Actually do it? Follow through with it? The fact is many of us hardly believe ourselves when making resolutions. Too many of them have failed.

You would be surprised at the amount of people who join a fitness club only to find themselves paying a monthly due without ever going! They keep paying it to keep the hope alive that they will one day go and start getting in shape.

So what is the key to actually following through on your New Year resolution this year? A great place to start is to take a look these 5 helpful tips:

Don’t get your head in the clouds and make a lofty resolution. The most lasting change usually occurs in small increments. Making small changes and sticking to them will naturally lead to more small changes. Go easy on yourself this year. If you get up at 7:00 AM don’t suddenly plan on getting up at 5:00 AM to fulfill your resolution.  9 times out of 10 this kind of drastic change is doomed to fail.  Go easy, but be firm on what you have committed to!

Running two miles on a treadmill can get a little boring after a while.  Getting up to exercise before work could get old very fast! Think creatively about an activity that you actually enjoy.  If you enjoy it there will be more benefits than just the outcome of getting in shape and you will look forward to it and be more likely to make it a part of your life. Pleasure will be more easily linked to your activity if you incorporate it in your schedule in an enjoyable way.

“I just didn’t have time today…blah, blah, blah”  Look: this really is a poor excuse, there are 24 hours in any given day. You will make time for whatever is a priority. There are plenty of creative ways to make time for your New Year resolution. Come up with a real plan and implement it. You will feel great when you realize there is plenty of time.

Sorry to say, you’re not going to get very far if you’re surrounded by negative thinking.  It’s time to harness your thoughts and create space from negative people who are dragging you down. Pinpoint some of the most frequent negative thoughts and come up with a good rebuttal that makes you feel empowered or evokes a feeling of change.  Identify anyone in your life that is a negative influence and spend less time with them. Learn to ask yourself empowering questions.

Training with a group of people can be a game changer. A community can provide an uplifting synergy, may fulfill a core need to be a part of a “pack”, and incorporates tip #2 for successful resolutions: It’s FUN!! “All species capable of grasping this fact manage better in the struggle for existence than those which rely upon their own strength alone:  the wolf, which hunts in a pack, has a greater chance of survival than the lion, which hunts alone.”- Christian Lous LangeI hope you find these 5 tips helpful in drafting some successful resolutions this year. Anytime we can anticipate change and direct our attention to making sure it happens we will grow and be more happy and fulfilled.At Swiftkick we take the intense conditioning of training in the martial arts and we make it FUN and exciting! We combine boxing, kickboxing, grappling, wrestling, and combat military defense as a functional system of self-defense in an environment that is positive, alive and dynamic.
Our students are enjoying becoming more physically fit, growing in their self esteem, and finding lasting friendships in our community of martial artists.

If you are looking for a fun way to get in shape and condition your body you should come meet our staff and try out a class.  You can do this for FREE, and you can enroll in Swiftkick with no yearly contracts or cancellation fees.  Feel free to call us at 858-385-1600 to set an appointment.

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