Three Tips for Visiting a Martial Arts Studio While Traveling

Traveling over the holidays can be brutal. Even the most avid exerciser may find themselves having more days off from their routine than they would like. It is great to give the body a break, but airline travel and long hours in a car can make the body crave physical exercise. Depending on where you are traveling to, especially in freezing cold climates, taking a run outside may not be an option. However, with some planning, there is always a martial arts studio to train in while abroad. It is incredible how many people take weeks off simply because they are not sure how to work out in another studio, and these tips are sure to keep you in tip-top shape over the holidays!

Contact a Martial Arts Studio You Are Considering Visiting

It is always a good idea to reach out ahead and let another studio know you are planning to be in the area and would like to attend training. Hopefully, the studio is responsive and can let you know the fee (have this ready when you arrive!), whether or not they allow drop-ins, and give class schedule information. This phone call or email can save heaps of time during your trip and save unnecessary traveling once at your destination. A little work ahead of time is worth it!

Let your own instructor know about your travels; they may have contacts of other studios they can recommend. Additionally, this does the courtesy of letting your home studio that you won\’t be around for a while!

Stay Humble

The most important tip to follow when visiting other martial arts studios is to remain humble. It is human nature to puff oneself up when going somewhere new, but your visit will be more well-received if you show up with a learner\’s spirit. Showing respect to instructors and other students, even if you are more knowledgeable in some areas, makes your visits welcome and can add value for yourself and others. If there is a technique or move that you do not agree with, this is not the forum to address it. You are a guest and thinking of visiting another studio to see other styles of teaching should be the mindset for a successful experience. Being humble is one of the pillars of martial arts training, so it is essential to display that characteristic when visiting another studio.

Sparring While Visiting a Martial Arts Studio

If you have an opportunity to spar at a new studio, humility is essential. Sparring with the utmost control and care when visiting a martial arts studio maintains the integrity of your training. Nobody will be impressed with an overzealous martial artist trying to crush everyone on the mat. A misdirected approach to sparring can result in injury and certainly ruin chances of a welcome return in the future.

Instead, use this privilege to get practice and make sure you communicate with your partner that you want to do light sparring. It is vital to keep egos in check even if another student is turning up the heat to impress you. In short, take the high road.

Read and Follow Studio Rules

Martial arts studios typically have rules posted or on their website. It is a courtesy to read and adhere to the rules when visiting. Since all martial arts studios will have many similarities in their rules of conduct, there may be minor differences that should be noted. Knowing the rules ahead of time can save awkward moments during your studio visits.

The rules will also indicate the formality expected at the martial arts studio you visit. Some traditional studios may expect traditions to be observed or that specific colors be worn – this is information you want to know ahead of time to make your visit as seamless as possible.

Most people prefer to avoid visiting a new gym. Like a hairdresser or dentist, people get comfortable in their gyms, and trying something new doesn\’t hold strong appeal. Unknowns about how a visitor will be welcomed often keep people away from gyms and martial arts studios when traveling. Very few people are comfortable with the unknown. However, the rewards of stepping out are gratifying. The adventure of a new gym offers new insight and knowledge and often makes people appreciate the diversity of martial arts training. Training with other instructors ultimately makes people more well-rounded martial artists and gives them an edge in adaptability. If you are traveling in the San Diego area over the holidays, contact SwiftKick Martial Arts for an excellent martial arts training program during your stay! A welcoming, professional studio focused on fitness and offering a balanced mixed martial arts program is a perfect way to stay on track over the holidays!

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