SwiftKick Web Commercial Schedule: March 11th, 2011

Below shows a schedule that Wetubeu and SwiftKick intend to follow for the 11th in filming for the commercial. This is an extremely FUN opportunity for all participants and a FREE practice session for everyone!

I appreciate your support in helping us develop an outstanding video representation of our program to show others what we do here at SwiftKick. We\’re going to have a blast filming this and I\’m excited to have those of you who can make it involved!

If you\’re coming, please do not be late since we need to do our best to start on time. There will be some paperwork to complete upon arrival so parents be sure to stick around to fill out paperwork. Plan enough time to get there considering possible Friday traffic:

We will be running through a variety of drills and workouts JUST LIKE A NORMAL CLASS. So, you get an extra workout and get to see some things our advanced students, demo team, teens, and adults do!

5:00 PM PathFinder (kids) Students Arrive
5:30 PM Impact (teens+) Students Arrive
5:45 PM PathFinder Students FINISH FILMING
6:00 PM Champion (adult only) Clients Arrive
6:10 PM Impact students FINISH FILMING
6:30 PM End regular class filming for Champions

6:45 – 7:30 Some Champion clients participating in background while I finish second script. I participate with Clients in class setting as well (sparring, grappling, etc.). 7:30 PM Champions FINISH FILMING.

With fiming, many things can happen. If you plan to attend, please be somewhat flexible. Wetubeu and SwiftKick are intending to run a tight, effective schedule to be as time efficient as possible.

Artistic Demonstrators: the transition between PathFinder and Impact Filming (Approximately 5:40) will be where will film artistic training. Be sure to bring weapons to show off.

What to Bring: a. Clean Uniform (Gui or Champion attire for adults)
b. Clean SKMA t-shirt
c. Belt
d. Equipment: boxing gloves, shin guards (if you have them)
e. Water and maybe a snack!
d. Weapons if demo team performer

Thanks everyone. I look forward to seeing you all next week in class and I\’m excited to film this web commercial next Friday!

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