Give Yourself A Promotion— Promo Deal

Don\’t Let This Deal Pass You By!

FREE – 2 weeks training, uniform, T-shirt. gloves, and remaining gear!
With member enrollment – $225 value!

Give Yourself A Promotion—Take it To the Next Level!


Summer is over—Don\’t fall back into old habits.  Jump into training this week and take your life to the next level!

Our  highly functional mixed martial arts system and life coaching will propel you to be a high performer in all areas of your life.  From fitness, to business, education, relationships and personal confidence, we will help you set goals AND surpass them.

Our training focuses on core strengthening, body control, mental and physical conditioning, weight loss and functional biomechanics to improve agility.  Our classes are filled with a fun and dynamic community of people.

Listen to what Ed, a former Padre has to say:

Hurry this offer ends Oct. 21st!

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