Evaluation Schedule for Impact and Champion Program

Mid November marks the end of the Applied Boxing module and evaluations!

We have been learning all fundamental technical boxing aspects involved in attacking and defending with the hands. We have been practicing how to bring the fight to our opponent by moving into close combat range, otherwise known as CM2.

During Testing Week, students will be doing BOTH a Base Fitness Evaluation as well as a Stripe Testing for Martial Arts Techniques learned throughout their module.


November 14th and 15th Fitness Evaluation for Impact and Champion Programs.

November 16 and 17 Martial Art Evaluation.   Wear full Gui


Our next module will be clinch.  We will be teaching how to grapple and gain control of your opponent should they grab on to you.  Most street fights quickly enter this stage and can be very dangerous if one does not know how to effectively maneuver.


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