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Kids Martial Arts Carlsbad Ages 6-11

Martial Arts and Self Defense Pathfinder Program for Children 6-11

Free Training Session $25 Value

Pathfinder - kids self-defense program

Unlike Any Kids Martial Arts Program

The SwiftKick Pathfinder Martial Arts Program serves children ages 6-11. If your child is under 6 and you would like them to try out our PathFinder Program, simply call or email us to set up an appointment. Unlike any other physical youth activity, the SwiftKick PathFinder program is designed to use the martial arts venue to develop physical competency, mental acuity and wise thinking. Our students gain lifelong advantages that accelerate their path to success. While many extracurricular activities offer limited advantages, training with SwiftKick integrates a wide variety of benefits:

  • The skill to defend yourself and others
  • Improved mental performance allowing for greater academic achievement
  • Improved physical fitness increasing energy, stamina, and athletic performance
  • Reduced stress promoting greater general well-being
  • Enhanced self-confidence fostering assertiveness, leadership, and initiative
  • Self-control over your body and mind resulting in better relationships and improved decision making
  • A fun, family-friendly environment and community
  • The ability to apply martial arts training to all aspects of life


Our studios are located in Rancho Bernardo and Carlsbad.

Pathfinder Rancho Bernardo – Class Schedule

Class Time Level Day Location
2:30pm Stage 1 Mon/Wed Rancho Bernardo
4:45pm Stage 1 Mon/Wed Rancho Bernardo
5:30pm Stage 1 Mon/Wed Rancho Bernardo
4:00pm Stage 1 Tues/Thur Rancho Bernardo
4:45pm Stage 1 Tues/Thur Rancho Bernardo
9:45am Stage 1 Saturday Rancho Bernardo
 10:30am  Stage 1  Saturday  Rancho Bernardo

Pathfinder Carlsbad – Class Schedule

Class Time Level Day Location
4:00pm Stage 1  Tues/Thur Carlsbad
4:45pm Stage 2  Tues/Thur Carlsbad
4:45pm Stage 1/2  Mon/Wed Carlsbad
5:30pm Stage 2  Monday Only Carlsbad