children sparring

How Sparring in Martial Arts Benefits Children

When families first get their children involved in martial arts training, they want respectful, confident, and disciplined children with self-control. Very few families are enrolling their children to learn to fight necessarily, and that is because parents do not want their children to become more violent. Martial arts training will not make your child more aggressive. The unique martial arts style builds physical strength while strengthening inner characteristics that underlie every move and strike. When looking for a reputable and family-friendly studio that adheres to balanced martial arts training, try a free class before you sign up. It is critical to find programs for your child’s age group that trains in morals and muscles!

Sparring Leads to Less Violence

This is contrary to what many parents think when they first observe their child sparring. Although seeing this critical component of martial arts training seems unnatural, it is an incredible opportunity for students to show self-control and purposeful movement. Sparing is always supervised, and only students who have consistently displayed specific core characteristics are asked to participate. Instructors closely monitor sparring and ensure student safety. Students often enjoy this activity, and it is never full-contact sparring. Students are not trying to knock out their partners when they spar; no studio should allow any signs of anger or aggression during this activity, and all students are trained to stop upon request.

It is a privilege to participate, and the best studios provide protective gear, and it more simulates a game of tag than a free for all fight.

Top Benefits of Sparring for Children

Managing impact control is one of the most incredible benefits of sparring for children. When children spar, they will make contact with another student or instructor. The strikes they deliver and receive remove the fear of being hit or touched, which is part of the training. Students are trained to overcome their fears and recover after a strike. Practically, this is incredibly helpful if a child is ever in a situation where they are being attacked, bullied, or feeling overwhelmed. Learning to deal with physical hits helps students learn how to manage verbal and emotional strikes, like name-calling or being picked on. All children gain self-confidence through sparring, even more than trophies or accolades.

Sportsmanship is another benefit of sparring for children in martial arts training. Children spar, giving it their all, and then congratulate their opponents and thank them for helping them excel in their sport. Reputable martial arts studios will train students that sparring is not to fight one another but instead to use each other’s skills to strengthen their own. When it comes down to it, the studio’s culture should mirror one of honor and humility when sparring.

When it comes to self-control, there is no better training than sparring for children. When children get stressed, they may get angry or collapse under pressure. Sparring trains children to remain calm and use their learned breathing techniques to remain composed when they are overwhelmed or feel like they are about to lose control. Children in training learn the rules of sparring and obeying the instructor’s requests to stop. Although students are learning to “turn it on,” they also learn to “turn it off.” When students begin to spar, they must make the motions of contact but never make contact – this requires incredible discipline and self-control.

Instructors Should Display Consistent Training in the Mental and Physical Aspects

Sadly, some martial art studios have instructors who do not want to spend the time it takes to train students in the psychological and instead default to physical training. Young children can get caught up in all the cool moves, but valuable core skills should be included. Stay away from superficial martial arts studios that do not incorporate any character-building as part of the program. SwiftKick is the most exceptional martial arts studio in San Diego County, and the vision and mission clearly state the necessity of training in both aspects.

Overall, martial arts training is an excellent exercise for children, and sparring is an essential component of this training. It challenges them physically and mentally and teaches them valuable skills in breathing, balance, focus, and self-control. When you watch your child blossom through martial arts training, they become more confident and self-aware. If your child encounters a situation where they are in a heated argument at school or socially, and your child is the one who backs away and breathes to regain control after a teacher or someone else yells stop, you just watched your child display an incredible life skill. If your child would benefit from martial arts training, contact SwiftKick Martial Arts today for a free trial class!