Martial Arts San Diego FAQs

Q: How quickly will I see results?

A:Typically our adult martial arts clients begin developing some decent skill in the martial arts and begin seeing fitness results between 3-6 weeks.

Q: What would be the benefit in training with Swiftkick over Karate?

A:The answer to this is often more related to what a person wants in their training.  Karate usually emphasizes an artistic style of discipline and form. Although we do offer an artistic class we focus mostly on what is called applied, or functional mixed martial arts.  In other words we spend most of our time teaching self-defense that works very effectively on the streets in real life situations.

Q: My main priority is to get in shape. Would I be better off joining a fitness club, boxing gym, or MMA studio?

A:In order to maintain a comparable workout in a fitness center you would most likely need a personal coach to drive you or be one focused, disciplined individual. You would need a vigorous cardio exercise program mixed in with strength building exercises. Keep in mind boxers are among the best conditioned athletes in the world. You could get in great shape joining a boxing gym. You will also get in great shape training in martial arts with more of a diversified knowledge of self-defense.

Q: Have you seen improvement with children in their studies from training with Swiftkick?

A:Absolutely! We continually hear great reports from parents of our students. We really emphasize tenants such as courtesy and attentiveness. A student can’t even earn their first belt without parents signing off that their child showed improvement in their behavior. Having a coach to speak into their lives really has great influence.

Q: What is Crazy Monkey Defense?

A:The Crazy Monkey Defense Program has successfully been used to train the military, police departments, champion fighters in the martial arts, and leaders in business and government on a worldwide basis. It utilizes a very functional martial art style that is easy to learn and is very effective in close combat.

Q: How is SwiftKick different?

A:Our unique training approach focuses on building a truly functional fighting style while creating a fun and encouraging environment. We want our students to be prepared for the streets and yet focus on developing the whole person. We blend the best of mixed martial arts and combat self-defense to teach a highly functional and dynamic martial arts system.

Q: What is Applied Martial Arts?

A:Applied Martial Arts teaches skills that can immediately be utilized in real life situations. Various martial arts are taught in a way that can be grasped by even young children. Our training focuses primarily on stand-up, clinch, and ground martial arts in order to give our clients a well-rounded base of effective and practical methods for self-defense. We also teach how to apply martial arts to other areas of our students lives so that they are well rounded, successful individuals.

Q: What is Mixed Martial Arts?

A:Mixed Martial Arts utilizes effective strikes found in several styles of martial arts and boxing in order to give our students a well-rounded base of effective and practical methods for self-defense. We teach Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Tae Kwon Do, etc., so that our students can effectively maneuver in and out of the strike zone. We also teach grappling, wrestling, Jiu Jitsu, and military combat so that our students can fight if someone grabs them or throws them on the ground.

Q: If I come for a free trial class will I feel pressured to enroll?

A:Not at all. We want you to get a taste of what training is like and hope you have a positive, fun experience. Part of the reason we offer free classes is to see if it is a fit for you. There really is no pressure.

Q: Is there a studio close by where I live?

A:We currently are operating out of two studios: One in Carlsbad right off Hwy 5 and the other in Rancho Bernardo right off Hwy 15.

Q: How do I cancel my membership with SwiftKick?

A:All cancellations in membership require a 30 day written notice prior to billing date. Tuition billing occurs on the first of each month. If you have further questions about cancelling your membership, contact SwiftKick at or call 858-385-1600.

Q: Can I reinstate my membership with SwiftKick after cancelling?

A:In order to reinstate membership with SwiftKick after cancelling clients are required to re-register and pay the current registration fee. Also, clients are asked to pay the current going rate of tuition. Any previous discounts, promotions, tuition rates will not be reinstated.

5 Star Google Reviews

I was in Bernado class for almost 6 months. Sadly, because of work reason, I have to move. I have learned a lot from SwiftKick. I came in as a kickboxing background student and came out as a martial arts student. I have learned more defense skills, move technique, and kick skills. If I can stay longer, I believe I can learn more skills. All instructors are very nice and reachable. For adult class, your classmates are great instructor, more
Ziyue Jin
Ziyue Jin
22:53 11 Mar 19
We are so happy we signed our Liam up with Swiftkick Marital Arts in RB. We started 2 months ago with our 9yr old and he has made such great progress and actually loves going 3 times a week. If he is in a bad mood going he comes out of there super happy. He smiles through the whole class. We just signed up our 7 year old this weekend and he is so far loving it also. The staff are absolutely amazing with the more
We are so grateful that we found Swiftkick Martial Arts. We were introduced by the after school program they offered on our schools campus. After just 7 weeks of training, through that program, we already saw a difference in our children’s behavior, attitudes and confidence. We knew we needed to continue. We appreciate the flexibility of the program and the great leadership offered by the coaches in each class. We now have all three of our kids in the program. We feel good about investing into their health, their character and their more
16:59 20 Mar 18
My son has been practicing at SwiftKick Martial Arts for about two years. We have been nothing but pleased with the level of instruction, the professionalism of the teachers and staff, and the difference it has made in our son's life. We love how there are always many instructors available to help a child, give them a little motivation, or keep them focused. The teachers know all of the kids, by name, and they engage them personally by knowing who they are and what they are interested in. One thing I remember from our first day, was that Mr. Smith knew that my child was new, he knew his name and he welcomed him. That little personal touch can make an uneasy child more comfortable, that little thing, has stayed with me all this time and I think it is what makes SwiftKick so more
Janice Takade
Janice Takade
23:41 11 Feb 18
My 5 year old and 8 year old started at SwiftKick about a year ago and have loved it. I have watched them become more focused, gain strength and coordination and have fun doing it! About 9 months ago, my husband and I decided to join. I have become more confident and love the fact that I am getting great exercise and learning important self defense skills. There are plenty of class times to choose from throughout the week and all of the instructors are knowledgeable and kind. I would highly recommend SwiftKick for the entire family!read more
Kelly Tognetti
Kelly Tognetti
01:15 22 Aug 17
My son loves Swiftkick at Rancho Bernardo. When our summer travel plans got cancelled he was happy cause he won’t be missing Swiftkick!! I noticed an increased level of discipline and alertness in him. Sometimes when I call out to him or assign a task at home he replies “ yes mom”. 😀 Thank you more
Jan S
Jan S
16:30 20 Jun 19
Four of our children have trained here over the last 3 1/2 years. The coaches are excellent at engaging younger and older students alike. We count this as a valuable piece of our children's education.
Erin Nave
Erin Nave
16:50 16 Jul 19
Our oldest daughter has been a part of Swiftkick for 4 years and she loves it. It has given her tons of confidence and let her grow as a leader. The coaches definitely engage with our kids and take an individualized approach with teaching them. While our kids have grown and have a great time there, if there is one thing that they can improve upon, it's that having more classes especially at the more advanced level would be awesome!read more
Leng Ky
Leng Ky
14:11 18 Jul 19
My son has been a student at SwiftKick for over 10 years. The awesome thing about SwiftKick Martial Arts is while they teach self-defense, they also teach self-control. The entire staff are incredibly patient, and mix in fun activities to get students (adult and children alike) to be active, learn self-control, and have a ton of fun doing it. A few years ago, after seeing how much fun our son was having, my wife and I also started and have been loving it ever since!read more
Scott Kraetsch
Scott Kraetsch
22:51 08 Aug 19
Our family loves SwiftKick! We have been going to SwiftKick for two years and we have loved every class and event. My daughter is excited to go to each class and is disappointed if we ever have to miss. All the coaches are engaging and very knowledgeable. They teach life skills like self-defense, respect, attentiveness and self-control in a fun way. Our younger son is excited to start training at the Rancho Bernardo studio and he'll start as soon as he is old more
Karen K
Karen K
20:33 29 Sep 19
My little boy loved this place , came here for a quick trial couple days ago staff are amazing and very friendly.
Fouad Alshayeb
Fouad Alshayeb
19:51 18 Jan 20
SwiftKick is a great place to train. My entire family takes classes here and cannot get enough. They offer great instruction that is fun for all ages and keeps us coming back for more. We pay one price and can come as many times a week as we'd like. The owner is a great guy and is very passionate about what he more
M Conrad
M Conrad
03:33 29 Jun 17
Swiftkick Martial Arts is a great place to work out and train a self-defense class! I love the staff and the materials they teach, check them out for a free trial if you're interested!
Trevor Ng
Trevor Ng
04:38 02 Feb 21
Always a good shopping experience
Vern Hudson
Vern Hudson
21:39 28 Feb 21
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